If you've come this far it's because you're interested in one of my fonts and I'm very happy about that. Licenses are essential to keep up with my work. Your contribution is a collaboration for updates and also for future projects — I hope that in a few years I can create a new font that fits into a new project of yours.

Below I explain how the licenses work and how to acquire them. But if you prefer, you can send an email. Thank you for your time and honesty!

main features
The licenses for my fonts are made by project or brand: that means you can license the font to the project and share it with your client so they can continue to use it over time. And if you want to license for your own brand, you can share the font with the professionals who will work with the project, without having to acquire new licenses for each professional who will work with the brand over the years.

In general, the main characteristics of licenses are:

Licenses are for life;
There is no computer limit;
Sharing is allowed;
There are no territory restrictions;
Free access to all font upgrades.

how it works
The contracts work as a guide, but if you don't fit into any of the options, have any objections with the terms or even for some condition you need to adjust the price, please contact us via email — I understand that depending on the country you live, there may be a disproportionate difference in currency. So feel free to write me:​​​​​​​

Licenses are separate into three categories: Single Project, Branding and Unlimited. Below you can understand each one of them and consult the values.
If you want more details, you can read the pdf with the complete terms of each license (EULA). The values already include the fees.

license: single project
Frequently, you need to use typography for a single project only. 
These options can help you:

License for a logo project.
$ 62.00

License for a website.
$ 62.00

Graphic Project
License for use on a single graphic project.
$ 62.00

license: branding
Licensing in this category, you can use the font for any project of the licensed brand.
Prices vary according to the size of the company—the bigger the company, the greater the visibility of the font and the more intense its use, so the values are proportional. Don't worry if the business grows over time, you can upgrade the license and get the discount.

Branding 1
One person company
$ 80.00

Branding 2
One to 20 employees
$ 120.00

Branding 3
21 to 50 employees
$ 220.00

Branding 4
51 to 100 employees
$ 460.00

license: unlimited
If you need a specific license for a big company or a big project, send me an email:

After choosing the license, send an email informing the type of license chosen and I will guide you on the payment and also on the license document.

After receiving the amount, I send the license document and the current full version of the font in versions: .eot; .otf; .ttf; .woff; .woff2.

All information on this page applies to the fonts: Ailerons, Skyer and Ara.

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