caracho arquitetos

The architecture office Caracho Arquitetos came to the intention of creating a clean and timeless visual identity. The first request was to keep the humanist letter in the grotesque style and develop a neutral communication from it. The second one was to use black on white surfaces. The result of this project was inspired by the architecture of the office, which has a strong modern influence. From the main and iconic element of the architecture, a symbol that represents the office and dialogues with the project's verticality was created: its structure starts from the underground and reaches the second floor in a subtle and integrated way. From the design point of view, the project is influenced by one of the main modernist designers in the world: Massimo Vignelli. In his Book Series project for the Sansoni library in 1963, he uses the elements vertically and provides an interesting and innovative way for the period that was conceived.

With a special paper printed in silkscreen, the graphic design of the stationery maintains the essentiality that the architecture studio values: valuing the truth of the materials through simple processes and with a high level of quality.
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