I graduated in graphic design and mastered in brand design at Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP).
I currently live in Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil.

Since 2010 I have dedicated my work and research to branding and visual identity. In 2020 I founded Carbono.studioa design studio focused on brand identity.

The autoral work with typography has been with me since 2006.
Over the past five years I have worked as a type designer for companies and design studios from all continents in the world. I was honored to license some fonts for brands like Universal Studios, McLaren, BBC Studios and Euroleague.
I recently founded uma type foundry. A project that is under development and you can follow the evolution on instagram — it would be great if you could share your ideas there. While uma is in development, you can still find my fonts on my Behance page.

If you want to talk about a project, license some of my fonts or just share thoughts, send me an email. ;)

Adilson Gonzales